Allison Leah Arnone..
Architecture / Interior Design / Planning / Board Member,,....

Allison has worked in the architecture industry for nearly 30 years, helping clients in the corporate, healthcare, government and education industries to deliver buildings and work environments that support their needs. A creative problem solver, Allison is inspired by human innovation, perseverance and imagination. She loves to work closely with clients to understand their visions and aspirations; goals and objectives; opportunities and constraints so that they can arrive at the right design solution. Her job has allowed her to travel throughout the United States and Europe, exposing her to a variety of industries, cultures and design challenges.


Allison grew up in Massachusetts in a family of eight. After graduating from Drexel University, she began her career in Philadelphia, started a family and became active in the community. In the late 1990's, she and her family, including 2 daughters and a son, settled in New Jersey. She loves to work in her gardens, hike in National Parks and volunteer in her community. She is an elected member of the Allentown Borough Historic Preservation Commission, which is part of the Upper Freehold Planning Board.

Understanding the social and socioeconomic factors involved with environmental issues has both heightened her passion for the environment and broadened her perception of what “environment” means. Allison believes strongly that respecting the earth and its resources while reducing waste and emissions is our responsibility as stewards. Environmental health also depends on social justice, access to food, knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to contribute to the stability of one’s community.